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Being an Engaged Father

“Longing for a Father” By T. Martin Graverson, M.A. – Therapist Father hunger is “the emotional and psychological longing that a person has for a father who has been physically, emotionally, or psychologically distant in the person’s life.” – P.B. Perrin As a father of four children, I have embarked on one of the most […]

What is Home Based Therapy?

What is Home Based Therapy? By Blake Neuhauser – Master’s Level Intern/Family Coach   When deciding who to call for counseling, clients often see the options available and wonder how home based therapy differs from traditional counseling. There are several key ways that set home-based counseling apart from traditional office-based counseling.   It takes place […]

Winning videos from the Super Service Challenge

  Caribbean Mountain Academy Winning Videos We are thrilled to be able to share with you that two submissions made on behalf of Crosswinds in the 2016 Super Service Challenge were selected as winners! The Super Service Challenge is an annual competition that allows volunteers to earn money for a non-profit of their choice by […]

What can we expect at our first marriage counseling session?

What to Expect at your First Marriage Counseling Session By: Shannon M. Brady, M.S. Therapist Whether a therapist is going to a home or seeing a client at their office, there are similar things that will occur in the first marriage counseling session.  When a therapist is meeting clients for the first time, they should […]