Dedicated to preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency by providing innovative programs through which adolescents can become responsible and productive.

Missions + Outreach Programs

Christian Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Thank you for considering Crosswinds as your mission trip partner in the Dominican Republic! We are excited that you could be serving alongside us in the near future.

A Vision for Hope + Lasting Change for Teens and Families

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Crosswinds’ Missions and Outreach Program was created as an extension of our residential counseling program for troubled teens. The teen counseling program takes place in the Dominican Republic at our residential boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy. Its’ mission is to provide character development to high potential, underachieving youth in a nurturing environment that promotes self-reflection and evaluation. This mission is accomplished through a combination of serving the surrounding community, encouraging the application of biblical and Christian principles, developing academic success, and equipping the students with the appropriate tools to help them walk through times of struggle in a healthy manner. Our international location provides the opportunity for our students to step out of their comfort zones and learn the true joy that comes from serving others, as they serve and interact with the Dominican people.

Our location also provides the opportunity for us to partner with short-term teams like you, working together to create lasting change in both the lives of our students and in the communities surrounding our campus.


Lasting Change in the Dominican Republic

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Our vision is to create long-term partnerships with specific communities around our Caribbean Mountain Academy campus in the Dominican Republic. We believe that for our work to be effective long-term, we must serve those who have a personal desire and drive to sustain our efforts. Therefore, we have chosen partners whose leaders already have a plan and goals for improving their communities. Our goal is to come alongside these leaders and help them implement their goals. Both our students and visiting mission teams will work to build strong relationships with and offer concentrated educational, economic and spiritual support to these partners.

Lasting Change for Teens

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As our students interact and develop relationships with the Dominican people in each of these communities, their perspective begins to change. Although many Dominicans are materially poor, they are rich in their relationships with God, family and friends. This joy rubs off on our students, helping them gain perspective on what is really important in life. Our students are also impacted by the joy and selflessness of visiting mission teams. As they watch teams like yours give up time, resources, and energy to serve others voluntarily, they are getting a powerful and tangible example of what it means to put others ahead of yourself. Hear what some of the Mission Teams have had to say about their experience.

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