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Mission Team Testimonials

See what various Mission team members have had to say about their Mission Experience and spending time with our Students down in the Dominican Republic at our Caribbean Mountain Academy.  If you would like to participate in a Mission Trip, read more about the opportunities here.

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Crosswinds is doing some amazing things to help teens & their families come together again.


This was a fantastic facility and program for a first time mission trip! Our students acclimated well and weren’t overwhelmed with an over packed schedule. Super experience!

The family we helped build a house with told us we helped their dreams come true and that if we were ever to come back to the DR we were welcome to stay at their house. They were so sweet! The entire experience was wonderful!

I really enjoyed playing basketball with the boys, I felt like this gave the men in my group a better connection to the students.

My week here was even better than I imagined. The view of the town and the mountains was absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely recommend CMA to anyone wanting to do a mission trip and any teenager going through struggles.

Everything was much better and more comfortable than expected. The work at the school was hot, hard physical work, but was really good for us. This was such a great family experience. 

A great experience that I would highly recommend to others to do. A great balance between work and play. I was totally impressed with every staff member and their desire to serve and trust the Lord.

The devotions each morning were really encouraging and a great way to start my day. The outreach you guys have with surrounding communities is amazing!

This was the ost life-changing trip I’ve ever experienced. 

This is my 4th trip to CMA. Each time God’s presence is felt on the campus and there is no doubt that His work is the priority. 

Every conversation I had with a CMA Student opened my eyes and were all really good conversations. I am better because of the time I spent here. 

It was so powerful to talk to the students and tell them our stories. I could really see lives being changed. 

This is such a wonderful organization and program providing such wonderful life changes in teens. The students are loved and cared for deeply by the staff. 

CMA combines local and international missions that help me both follow my dreams and get a taste of my future while allowing me to start now. 

Planning – I Loved working with Lexie – very organized and responded quickly!

This being my first of of States missions trip, I could not be more satisfied. Crosswinds provided and excellent experience. 

It was a fantastic trip! The staff was helpful, the students were friendly and the locals were amazing. Truly wonderful experience, and I definitely recommend it. 

Hearing the story of one of the students was the highlight of the trip. To hear how God can change lives in such a big way, reminds us that this is hope for change in our own lives. We serve a God who transforms lives!

The meals were so yummy!

The accommodations were much better than i would have imagined for a missions trip to the DR

Very impressed with the outreach into the community. The staff is well trained. 

While in Los Higos, I developed a special relationship with a ballplayer my age. We really connected about our faith and love of God. While leaving I gave him my bracelet and he gave me his. I said goodbye and he told me to make sure I see him in heaven one day, and called me his brother. 

The staff (leadership, drivers, translators, cooks) were all friendly and caring. Their love of God showed in all they do, no matter who they were interacting with. 

It was really well prepared and the communication helped us be very prepared to come here!

The staff and teens are very welcoming and friendly.

My favorite part was hiking up the mountain,  It was very challenging but the view was rewarding.

I enjoyed staying at CMA and I enjoyed the work both here on campus and in the communities.

This was a fantastic experience to learn international social work, share Christ’s love and meet the most generous people.

Crosswinds office was very easy to work with in planning our mission trip.

God’s hand is clearly placed over this ministry.  It has been amazing seeing how the staff truly cares about the students and the Dominican community.  The country is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Caribbean Mountain Academy and Crosswinds to share the love of God with these students and the community.  They’ll be in my thoughts & prayers and God willing I hope to come back on another mission trip here.

Overall my experience here was very satisfying physically & spiritually.  I will miss everything about the people & culture here.

It is evident that the Lord is doing good work in the lives of the students, staff & all those encounter CMA. 

I was very impressed with the program at CMA.  The students seem to respond very well!  I love how they involve the students & teams with the local community through service projects.

It was an amazing experience.  God is moving in countless ways at CMA and in the community of Jarabacoa and I am so glad I got to be a small part of it.

I am so thankful Crosswinds took over such a horrible place to give justice & adequate treatment to these kids who come here. The place is beautiful and a long term care treatment really will change behavior with the right care I see provided here.

A truly once in a life time experience with once in a life time people, this week in the Dominican was truly one of the best and humbling experiences I’ve ever been apart of. I can’t wait to return to this amazing country and opportunity. Be back soon Dominican Republic.

Coming to Crosswinds always rejuvenates and centers my spiritual life. I am always blessed when I’m here.

This was a very refreshing week. Structured enough for order and peacefulness. Space to express ourselves and contribute. Keep up the good work! May God give you much wisdom and strength! God bless you.

Thank you so much for the hospitality you have shown us. You all are doing a great work with these students! God’s blessings!

You guys are great! The kids at CMA had a bigger impact on my life that I had on their lives. Keep doing what you’re doing! God is great!

I was blown away by the CMA students and how they helped us with some of our projects and just seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us and talk to us.

I had an absolute blast getting to know the students and staff. Not only was I able to help change students lives, they helped to change mine.

I’ve had one of the best weeks of my life. This experience is one I’ll never forget. The students and staff are wonderful.

This place is incredible. I am truly encouraged with the staff and their selfless attitudes and joy in spreading God’s love.

Great variety in the daily schedule gave us great opportunities for a wonderful experience. Thanks!

I just wanted to say how overjoyed I am to have a part of this Christ like environment.

Thanks so much for all your patience with our group. I had an incredible time and feel that I have definitely progressed on my faith walk. Special shout out to Richard for being a great leader for us. I loved having the kids out on the projects with us. It really gave us a great opportunity to get to know them. They’re amazing kids and are in amazing hands here at CMA.

The student testimonials were profound; it allowed us to be inspired and connect with them on new levels! Richard was amazing to be around and helped our group tremendously. The hospitality and generosity by Megan and Dan are appreciated.

Everything was really great for our team. The schedule outline and the structured morning and afternoon activities were awesome.

From the moment I came here to the last day, I knew that God was/is working here. Everyone needs and deserves to be shown love and CMA is intentional about doing that.

Crosswinds is doing some incredible things and I’m thankful to have been a part of the work the Spirit is doing here, and all the glory truly goes to God. God willing, I hope to continue to be a part of what is going on here.

While here it was so evident to see God’s love and presence all around campus. The staff embodies these characteristics and it is plain to see the effect it has on the students and was also an incredible influence in my life and the life of my team. Thank you!

Thank you all for your hospitality. It was by far the best mission trip I’ve been on. I was encouraged by the students and staff members. I saw God working through this school.

Thank you for a life changing experience this week. The face of God and His love is so evident on this campus and I am so thankful to experience it in this unique setting at CMA.

I am so blessed to have been able to come to the DR and serve these people and experience the Lord working in their lives, as well as my own. God is doing some amazing things here and I am so grateful that I got to witness it. I will never forget my time here and although I am so sad to leave, I’m excited for what God had in store for me in the future.

I loved being here. It is amazing to see what work God is doing at Caribbean Mountain Academy. I know his presence is here.

It was a wonderful week of fellowship, growth and new experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving at CMA and in the surrounding Dominican communities. God had truly blessed the campus with warm, friendly staff and a unique opportunity to build relationships within the campus community and beyond. I’m proud to have been a participant on this trip and excited to visit again in the future!

This was one of the best weeks of my life. I came to serve here in the Dominican but feel like I had my life changed in the greatest of ways.

I enjoyed the mix and variety on this trip. The opportunity to be a part of work projects and also the opportunity to use baseball as a ministry tool.

CMA is a Christ centered atmosphere that will definitely open your eyes to see how the Lord works through people.

I will miss everything about this trip. I will miss the people, the work, the kids and I will mostly miss the trip. For my first time I had such a great time. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I love it here and I’ll miss and cherish the memories I had with all these awesome people. I had so much fun and hope to come back soon.

This was the best week of my life!

So awesome to spend a week with so many strangers that I will now consider friends for life.

I seriously loved everything about this week. This is my second year coming to CMA and it just keeps getting better and better. From the CMA students to the little children running around to all the bonds I made with so many of the people in the Dominican, I can honestly say this place has made a huge impact on me the last two years.

There was so much love, joy and growth in this experience and it was amazing.

The beauty of the area really showed God’s greatness.

I had a great time. It was such an amazing experience and encounter with God on a whole new level.

Thank you for this eye opening experience. You will never truly understand the impact this has made in my life!

I really liked all of the missions that we did. (VBS, concrete, school)

I love the work you are doing here and hope you can continue to bring glory through this school.

Please keep doing what you are doing. I thank the Lord for you! God is great!

The mix of ministry with the teen participants, service in conjunction with those participants and service projects just with our team was both unusual and a great blessing. The week was well organized and the staff was pleasant and flexible in the face of the sometimes unpredictable Dominican culture. We were blessed by the physical and relational aspects of the ministry and the attention to detail in allowing cultural excursions and the enjoyment of God’s beautiful creation here in the greater Jarabacoa area! God has blessed us richly in allowing us to come alongside those in fulltime ministry here, even though only for 8 days. What God is doing here is both difficult and beautiful and we praise him for blessing Crosswinds and each of us.

My experience with Crosswinds has been life changing. I truly enjoyed the power of God working through this ministry to help build communities and healthy relationships.


The experience at CMA that our team had worked to change our lives for the better in many ways. Eyes were opened, spirits were refreshed and great memories were made.

Thanks for everything. I really enjoyed everything and will be praying for the program.

If you were ever curious about what facet of ministry you’ve naturally drawn to (teens, children or teaching), Crosswinds amazingly gives you the opportunity to experience all of these and also enjoy the beauty of Dominican Republic as well.


I liked the personal email reminders and updates that were given before the trip took place.

It was incredible to see how the students interacted with each other, the staff and team and the community. It was also incredible to come back from a project and be able to spend time with the students. Seeing that we could make an impact in their lives was one of the meaningful things I have ever experienced. God is doing mighty things here.

Working with the kids at the academy and meeting people in the community was an incredible experience. The staff was very friendly and it was evident to see their passion and love for God and for helping the kids and the community.

I loved getting to know one of the Students and becoming friends with her. She is such a great girl who knows she can do better and will.

I love the work CMA is doing and I really want to come back. Every staff member was so nice. I enjoyed talking to the students that I did because they were so cool.

Being able to participate in the community outreach projects pushed me past my comfort zone, but definitely allowed God to grow me in my faith. I feel more confident and bold and have a new view of missions.

Crosswinds is the perfect host for a church mission experience. We felt we were able to contribute to the work of Christ in a significant way.

Thank you for making accommodations for my dietary restrictions.

Meeting the students was a blessing!

Every time I come here with Sandhills church to Crosswinds I have an excellent experience!

I loved the Goshen house, great space and nice to have bedding supplied and snacks. Thanks for our special dietary needs: veggie and gluten free. Video is well done. Love the flexibility and relational style of the leaders. Thanks for allowing us to lead in the mornings. The waterfalls were fantastic. Very powerful experience for our students. Can’t wait to plan another trip.

My experience was amazing and everything was great. Loved everyone who served our group and served with us.

What an extraordinary mission to Jarabacoa, D. R. Our team stayed at CMA and the staff and facilities are amazing. To a person, our groups expectations for this mission were exceeded in every way. From the professional care and mentoring the teens get in this program to the foundation in Christ that is laid out before them. The teens that are here come with a great need to find their footing, themselves and hopefully a relationship with God that will carry them for a lifetime. It happens here!! Our team was fabulous and bonded with each other phenomenally. God and CMA was a big part of that. Thank you for a great mission trip and I would recommend this to any church wanting to serve Christ.

Thanks to all the staff and students that helped make our week one that I will never forget!

It was very easy to set up our mission trip. Great to work with your office support staff in Indiana and your staff at the Caribbean Mountain Academy.

I haven’t worked this hard in a long time. Going out to get ice cream twice and dinner once allowed us to see what the city was like at night. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The students were amazing. Hearing some of their stories was very amazing and seeing how much they have changed or are changing.

The translators were very helpful and amazing. All the staff and students were gracious and open to us coming. I am so thankful for such an awesome experience.

The atmosphere at CMA was very warm and inviting. CMA showed me that they were very concerned about missions work and my involvement in it. I really had a God experience.

This was my first mission trip and my first time out of the country. I had a lot of fear and concerns with not knowing what to expect. CMA was an absolutely wonderful place to ease into my first mission trip. From the time we arrived we were put at ease with our concerns. We had some one with us on every excursion to make sure we were safe and to help us communicate with the locals. CMA went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and safe during the whole duration of our stay. We truly feel we bonded with the staff here at CMA. The food was delicious, the staff is great, and the accommodations were awesome! I am so glad CMA was my first experience of a mission trip. I highly recommend CMA for any future mission trips.

I love the mission you are doing here with these teenagers. I feel most of the kids here leave either finding Christ in their life or on the way to finding Christ. I love my conversations with them. It strengthened my call from God.

We certainly grew as a team and as individuals while serving in the nearby communities. We will continue to pray for the spirit to move through the families and communities.

This has been an amazing week for me. It is my first mission trip and I could not have been more blessed. It was amazing to be able to encourage the staff and the students through prayers, to share testimonies. My most memorable moment remains the day we went to pray for the family who had their home on fire and lost two kids.

God is alive and doing a great work on this campus. It was such a privilege and blessing to encourage this wonderful staff. My favorite part was getting to pray for each student and watch as God touched all of their hearts in his own special love language with them. I am so excited about the open hearts of the staff and students to allow God to change and grow them.

I was really encouraged by the students’ testimonies.

The Lord has blessed this place, the staff, students and everyone who comes to serve or visit. This place is amazing and the work that’s done here is monumental in the family lives. I have grown spiritually from this experience and I’m hopeful for the future. Peace and blessings to all!

So amazing and encouraging seeing all the great things God is doing here. The student testimonies, mission projects, fellowship was recharging.

I really loved how welcoming the staff was. That is what stood out to me because I felt accepted. I also loved hearing the testimonies. I feel it not only helped them, but it helped me.

Natalie’s testimony really touched my heart and really spoke to me because her strength and courage and faith in Christ are so immense and inspiring for anyone going through a difficult time in their life.

I was really touched at the VBS with the kids because of how much joy and loved they displayed, even though they didn’t have much. I was also touched by the girls testimonies shared and their walk with God.

I loved hearing the testimonies and four squares was a nice way to break the ice with the students. Also, the mission project was awesome. My favorite part was the VBS and interacting with the students at the school.

Something that really touched my life was the children when we did VBS for them. They were so happy and full of joy. It was amazing.

Something that touched my heart was the students here. They were so accepting and made me feel welcomed. I grew close to them and I’m really going to miss them.

I really enjoyed hearing the students’ interaction and seeing how Crosswinds helped correct their past behaviors.

Something that I loved was the students giving testimonies. I feel they show the true power of God and prove Caribbean Mountain Academy is doing well.\

I would like to thank the students Natalie and Chelseanna for their willingness to share their testimonies with us. Their honesty and transparency was powerful and necessary for our students. They helped some of our students understand the unlimited power that God has to change lives. I know that our youth will go home with a greater understanding of the importance of witnessing to other and how God uses our trials to give him glory.

I really appreciated the opportunity to serve with the CMA students. At some moments I thought we blended together so well that you couldn’t tell who was a student and who was with us.

Students and staff testimonies were outstanding; keep doing that whether or not the students wanted to. Spending down time with them was great and I really enjoyed those opportunities.

Every single one of the students was a pleasure to have gotten to know a little. It was also such a wonderful and powerful thing to have gotten to serve in the community alongside the students.

What really meant the most to me was being able to serve the community at the school and Hipolito with the CMA students. Incredible.

Getting to know the students has truly been a blessing this week. I have loved getting to know them and work alongside them serving the community. Also just the time of hanging out was really great to be able to connect with them.

When we were planning with the girls what we were going to teach at El Callejon, they were talking about “their” classes and “their” students and I thought it was cool how proud they were of the work they are doing there even if they pretend not to.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind about this week was how impressed I was with how open the students were, and how friendly they were with us. I was truly impressed with Amanda’s testimony. Man, that girl can talk! Overall, one of the best weeks of my life!

I absolutely loved eating meals with the CMA students, playing games, and doing art with them. It gave me an opportunity to talk to them and invest into their lives. The opportunity to do service projects with the CMA students was an unexpected blessing. Those were my favorite moments during this trip.

I was very pleased with the staff friendliness. They really made me feel more welcomed. I whole heartily enjoyed the conversations I had with the students and was amazed by what they had to say.

Very well coordinated and everyone was very flexible if any plans needed to be changed.