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Plan Your Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

We want to make the process of planning your trip with Crosswinds as easy as possible! We will handle all the logistics of your trip, as well as help you develop marketing materials to recruit team members. Here is what to expect when you begin to plan your trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy:

Our Goal

Dominican Republic | Crosswinds

At Caribbean Mountain Academy, our missions experience isn’t just about accomplishing a task and going home. It is about partnering with us as we come alongside our Dominican friends, who have a vision and a calling to help their communities and neighbors. It is about being part of a plan for lasting educational, economic, and most importantly spiritual, development.

Our goal is that each project done by your team will contribute to this long-term vision and help us empower the Dominican people to improve their lives and communities.

In addition, we believe each service project will play a role in the lasting change of our students, showing them the value of serving and loving others. Incoming mission teams breathe life, excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement into our campus, giving our students continued motivation to continue growing and learning.


Our Responsibility

Crosswinds team outside of a van

We aim to customize your time in the Dominican Republic according to what you would like to accomplish during your time here with your team. We can incorporate service projects, including community building and campus projects, sightseeing, and cultural activities accordingly. We will work with your trip leader(s) to establish a desirable schedule that will make the most of your time and facilitate all of the details such as onsite transportation, meals, project needs/supplies and a comfortable place to stay for your team.  As your host, we aim to make planning a mission trip with Crosswinds simple. We will provide all needed marketing materials to help promote participation. We will also provide all necessary documentation for commitments, sample support raising letters and forms, promotional ideas and most importantly, a Crosswinds staff member to walk with you each step of the way through your planning process.


Your Responsibility

We ask that incoming mission teams raise the funds needed to accomplish projects prior to their trip. Your team will be asked to partner with us on a specific project, intentionally and carefully developed to have the greatest immediate and long-term impact.



Visiting mission teams will stay at either the Goshen Mission House or La Casa de Larimar.

Goshen Mission House | Crosswinds

  • Facility Amenities: Goshen Mission House
  • Two dorm rooms with 12 beds each
  • Two private apartments
  • Two separate restroom and shower facilities
  • A large, fully-equipped kitchen
  • An expansive meeting room


Cultural Immersion Groups

If you are leading a school or community group and would like to plan a cross-cultural experience, we offer a safe and secure base from which you can work. We can customize your team’s cultural involvement based on your experience and group needs. We work to keep your group’s out-of-pocket costs down so you can keep your focus on learning about and impacting the community.

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For further questions, contact us at (877) 594-9204

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