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I’ve Noticed Self-Harm Scars on My Son’s Arm – What Can I Do?

My son has self-harm scars on his arm, what can I do? By: Tim Gilleand, M.A. Therapist According to HealthyPlace, an online mental health outlet, one out of five females and one out of seven males engage in some sort of self-harm activity such as cutting, burning, penetrating the skin, punching one’s self, or purposely […]

How to Talk to Your Family About Teenage Drinking

Teenage Drinking and How to Talk to Your Teen About It By: Tim LaGro, LMHC I have been treating folks with substance use disorders from 13 to 70 years old for the past five years in a community mental health setting. What I can tell you and the statistics back up, is that substance use […]

Teenage Eating Disorders and What Not to Say

What not to say to a teen struggling with an eating disorder By: Christena N. Wilkerson, MSEd, LMHC, Supervising Therapist For a teenager struggling with any type of eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating, certain compliments, comments or words of advice might trigger adverse reactions – no matter how innocent they seem. […]

Is my teen at risk for teenage pregnancy?

I worry my teen is at risk for teenage pregnancy, what I can do? By: Janae Webb, MS.Ed Therapist Some teens experiment with high-risk behavior without completely thinking through the consequences of their actions. Maintaining a strong relationship with your teen is key in helping the teen through this time in her life. Teens need […]