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Troubled teens and in-home family counseling

Would my troubled teen benefit from in-home family counseling? By T. Martin Graverson, M.A. – Therapist As a counselor, I am biased towards the questions regarding whether or not in-home family counseling is beneficial for my child, for many reasons.  First of all, it’s what I do for a living, and frankly I love what […]

[Infographic] Bullying

Bullying can affect everyone, but it’s most common among children. Learning the symptoms of bullying can help identify if your child is struggling and to identify when you need to take next steps. If you think your child is being bullied or if they are bullying others, in-home family counseling can help.  

How can I inspire my child to be their best self?

Ways to Increase a Kids Motivation to Succeed By Ruth Skeel, , MSW, LCSW, LCAC, Clinical Director The Search Institute reports that the following are 7 things kids need in order to develop a positive view of themselves and connect with their ability to become that “positive possible self” to their daily actions.  These increase […]

Grief in Children – Infographic

What does Grief in Children Look Like? Grief in children can affect more than just their mental state. Learn the warning signs and find out how you can help your child heal from the loss of a loved one. If you think your child is struggling with grief, contact us today. In Home Family Counseling […]