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I lost my mom last year, who can I talk to about grief?

I lost my mom last year and haven’t gotten over it. Who can I talk to? Aubrey Garner, Crosswinds Therapist Grief is a stomach-turning, despair-filling, and unpredictable thing. Even therapists cannot pinpoint what grief will look like from one person to another. This may be a scary thought; however, it is also truly freeing. There […]

[Infographic] Anxiety

At some point in our lives, we all experience anxiety. When it becomes a constant presence in our mind, it can keep us from the daily joys of life. Learn how to identify the symptoms of anxiety is the first step in getting help. Learn how a Crosswinds counselor can help you manage your anxiety […]

How can I help my child’s self-esteem?

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem By: Tiana Mathes, BS Home-Based Regional Coordinator What can we do as parents to promote and build our children’s self-esteem? Think healthy! Everyone wants to have a protective armor for their children. I like to think of this protective armor as healthy and positive self-esteem. As a parent I find myself, […]

How important is sending kids to preschool/daycare?

Do I need to send my child to preschool/daycare? By Adrienne Batteast, MBA, MHS As a mother of a teenager and a kindergartener, I can say that preschool/daycare is part of my lifeline. As a mother, preschool/daycare was not an option with my infant. Both of my kids went to a family member until they […]