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Is there a place you love to go to escape the distractions and stresses of everyday life? To take a deep breath and regain perspective? That is what we want the campus of our therapeutic Christian boarding school to be for our students.

Caribbean Mountain Academy is nestled on the side of a mountain in the Dominican Republic, just outside the small city of Jarabacoa.

A Caribbean Mountain Academy student recently told our staff, “I love waking up here every morning…I just stand on the front porch and thank God for the view and all the clouds and all the houses, it’s just amazing.”

The peaceful atmosphere at Caribbean Mountain Academy is critical to the healing process of the teens in our care. Struggling teens are removed from distractions and negative influences of life back in the U.S., giving them a chance to regain perspective on what life is really about.

While the location of Caribbean Mountain Academy is designed to take teens away from distractions and out of their comfort zone, our campus buildings are designed to be places of safety and healing. Since our acquisition of the property in 2012, we have renovated many of the buildings on campus to make it feel more like a “home away from home.” Large porches, tranquil gardens, and colorful, comfortable rooms give our students places to unwind, debrief, and open up to our caring staff that live with them. However, there is still work to be done.

Let’s face it.  Programming can’t happen without the right tools in place.  For example, with the regular power outages on our Caribbean Mountain Academy campus, alternate power sources are a necessity. Another significant need on our campus is a sound system to improve the effectiveness of teaching and worship in our chapel.

Chapel Sound System

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Contribute any amount towards a chapel sound system for Caribbean Mountain Academy to improve our teaching and worship experiences.

Power Inverter & Batteries

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With regular power outages on our campus, alternate power sources are a necessity. Your donation will cover 10% of the cost of a power inverter & extra batteries.

Our attitude and mood often reflects our surroundings.  Thanks to donors and missions teams, we have been able to transform several buildings on our campus into warm, inviting spaces for teens and missionaries to make their home, as they tackle issues most of us struggle to comprehend.  Yet, there are still key areas on our campus that are in great need of repair and attention.

Student Housing Updates

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Contribute towards ongoing student housing updates. Your donation will help us continue to provide warm and inviting spaces for the teens in our care to live.


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Thanks to donations made by wonderful friends and families, our current staff’s children will eventually have a fun place to play.

To donate via check, please make the check out to Crosswinds, Inc. If designating towards a specific area, please include a note indicating designation. Mail all checks to: Crosswinds, 4150 Illinois Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.